moving to tumblr

blog will still be here, who knows, maybe i will throw a post once in a while.


tumblr is probably going to be my base, its interface is nice. again, i'm also very active on instagram (because i am sketching traditionally always it's more convenient to photograph)

so here



I will probably stay inactive for the next couple of months with no access to a scanner and currently am and will be elsewhere being busy.

Please keep following me on instagram @c_jia_c, thanks!

random thing

I liked the treatment of some of Zedig's doodles, so I wanted to try something similar.


Was recommended to try out "gessobord" brand. I love working small scale so obviously I'm quite hooked. Saves you paint, forces you to practice brush economy, and best part is...they're easily scannable!!!

Studies - oil
I discovered that the Mohawk brand of loose leaf paper I use (80 lb.) takes oil very well and is a great canvas to do studies on. Every stroke goes on matte so there's no struggling with an overly wet surface. It's almost like gouache, but with more substance.

Digital studies - some quick and some more time consuming